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Users on Video - beyond Personas

Arrangementet er afholdt
(blev afholdt torsdag, 28. september 2006, kl. 12:00-15:00)

Mads Clausen Institute for Product Innovation, University of Southern Denmark
Grundtvigs Alle 150, DK-6400 Sønderborg

The use of video has won widespread recognition as a powerful means of recording user observations and of conveying user understanding to interaction designers. In the new move towards user-driven innovation giving a higher priority to user studies, the discussion of how one can actually portray real people on video, and how this can inform design is gaining importance. We have invited two interaction designers to show their video work and discuss its impact.

Welcome and introduction: Video as design material
Jacob Buur, professor of user-centred design, SDU

Aging workers on video
Salu Ylirisku, University of Art and Design Helsinki
Salu has worked for a number of years in the Luotain project, studying a range of fields from free-ride skiers to bank workers. He will show examples from a recent project on IT support for aging workers based on 12 studies of janitors and cleaning assistants.

Inspiring design research through documentary film
Bas Raijmakers, Royal College of Art, London
Bas took inspiration from documentaries like 'Fahrenheit 9/11' and 'Supersize Me' to create provoking videos of heart patients. He has recently presented a mindblowing paper at DIS 2006.

Users on Video

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