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Serendipity, a new user experience phenomenon

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(blev afholdt torsdag, 11. februar 2010, kl. 15:00-15:45)

The talk will be held at the IT University in Copenhagen, Rued Langgaardsvej 7, 3A12, København

Have you ever set your iPod or iTunes on random shuffle and suddenly the song presented underscores how you were feeling at that moment, or that the song matches meaningfully to something happening in your world? You may also find t that the song you encounter fits surprisingly into a 'pattern' that you alone find meaningful. In such moments of serendipity, you may be intrigued and are engaged with trying to work out what 'message' it is trying to tell you. Through studying this phenomenon, Tuck Leong also designed a photo display system that randomly presents personal photos that could stimulate similarly serendipitous encounters.

Tuck Leong argues that serendipitous occasions like the ones above is a valuable user experience that can lead people to moments of awe and wonder. Based on his PhD work, Tuck Leong explores serendipity as a user experience and shows designers how they can think about designing situations that allow people to discover serendipity during their use of technology.


Tuck Leong was designed and made in Malaysia but grew up in Melbourne, Australia. Having broad interests, his education (and work) background includes Music, Immunology and Multimedia prior to his PhD in Interaction Design at the University of Melbourne. Although he is interested in technology, he is far more enamored by how people make sense of their everyday lives when using technology. He is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Digital Urban Living Center of Aarhus University.


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