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Eleventh Danish HCI Research Symposium


Arrangementet er afholdt
(blev afholdt onsdag, 23. november 2011, kl. 8:00-20:00)

0830-0915 Welcome and coffee

Keynote by Noam Tractinsky,
Information Systems Engineering, Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva

1015-1030 Break
1030-1145 Presentation of selected Danish 2011 HCI journal contributions by their authors
  • International Journal of Medical Informatics:
    A Longitudinal Study of Usability in Health Care: Does Time Heal?
    Professor Jan stage, Aalborg University
  • Behaviour & Information Technology:
    Public websites and human–computer interaction: an empirical study of measurement of website quality and user satisfaction
    Professor Kim Normann Andersen, Copenhagen Business School
  • Action Research:
    Dissenting in reflective conversations: Critical components of doing action research
    Associate professor Pernille Bjørn, IT University of Copenhagen
1145-1200 Danish SIGCHI - for Researchers?
1200-1300 Lunch and poster presentations in KS48
(same room as talks! Please bring your lunch!)
  • Drawing as a User Experience Research Tool, Alexandre Fleury
  • Interactive motion tracing for Rowing Training, Zhang Dai
  • Metaphors as a design tool, A qualitative study in the use of abstract and literal metaphors, Anders Kalsgaard Møller, Jonas Høier Christiansen and Mai Baunstrup
  • Understanding work practice in Global Software Development, Rasmus Eskild Jensen
  • Medication Reminder System using Calm Guidance, Stefan Wagner, Anders B. Arnfast, Thomas S. Toftegaard and Olav W. Bertelsen
  • Experience Sampling as a Study Method of Mobile Media consumption, Jakob Schou Pedersen, Lars Bo Larsen, Alexandre Fleury
  • Rapid Prototyping of tangibles with capacitive mouse, Juan David Hincapié-Ramos, Morten Esbensen and Magdalena Kogutowska
  • HCI issues in mobile wallet design, Mia Olsen
  • Using card sorting to explore collectivism in students’ approaches on a university website, Ather Nawaz and Torkil Clemmensen
  • Frustration: A common user experience, Morten Hertzum
  • TagPad for iPad – Designing a Supporting Tool for Interview Studies, Nis Bornoe, Louise Barkhuus, Barry Brown and Malcolm Hall
1300-1440 Paper presentations
  • Revisiting the Practice-Oriented Research Program, Lars Rune Christensen
  • Human Work Interaction Design (HWID) and sensor based prototyping for interactive climate management, Torkil Clemmensen and Rasmus Ulslev Pedersen
  • RoMo: Avoiding Conflicts Between the Physical and Digital Model in Tabletop Interfaces with Robotic Tangibles, Esben Warming Pedersen and Kasper Hornbæk
  • Segmentation as an approach to understand adoption of mobile services and content, Jacob Lyng Wieland and Rasmus Thaarup
  • User reflection on actions in ambulance telemedicine systems, Magnus Hansen
1440-1455 Break
1455-1615 Paper presentations (continued)
  • The Quest for Quality: Usability Testing Assessment, Rolf Molich
  • User driven development and high fidelity testing, Sanne Jensen, Anne Marie Kanstrup and Christian Nøhr
  • Using Egocentric Point-of-View Video to Understand Tourist Place Making, Mads Bødker and David Browning
  • Personas in Co-creation and Codesign, Lene Nielsen
1630-1730 Panel discussion: Who are we publishing for?
1800-2100 Symposium dinner in "Kilen"

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